Kookslams Merch Bundle (Giveaway Package)

Regular price $119.99

This is the merch bundle you must purchase to be entered in to the All-inclusive Private Party Giveaway!

Please Select T-shirt size!

1.       20% Off Card for all things Kookslams Hard Seltzer (Good for one year)
2.       Skellie T-shirt
3.       Beach Towel
4.       Colored Glassware Pack
5.       Beach Tote Bag
6.       3 pack of Neoprene Koozies
7.       Beach Ball
8.       2 Car Air Freshener
9.       2 Stickers
Towel Size: Cotton 70*140cm
Terms and Conditions:
Only one winner will be selected.
One merch bundle equals one raffle ticket.
The Giveaway date starts on September 13th and will end on October 13th.
Giveaway must be used within a year.
Must be 21+ to win the raffle.
All merch bundles will be shipped in the order received. Some shipments may be delayed.
Kookslams Hard Seltzer will not be responsible for transportation.